Sometimes the terms we use for your website, and all the parts that it consists of can be a little confusing! Here’s how it’s broken down:

There’s 3 parts that make up a website:

  1. Your domain name
  2. Your web hosting account
  3. The actual website

The easiest way to think about it is: Domain + Hosting Account = Website

And technically, that’s how it works! The domain and hosting account, put together will produce your finished website!

Your Domain

Your domain name is a lot like an address on a street or a listing in a phone book. Computers talk to each other by using numbers called IP addresses. Each website can have its own IP address, or share an IP address with lots of other websites. You can think of it by comparing it to having your own house with its own address, or living in an apartment and sharing that address with a couple other people.

So, if you’re going to tell someone where to find you, you’d give them your address! Same way with your domain. Your domain acts as a house front for the IP address (or street address) behind it. They work together, and they can’t exist without each other.

So how do you get an IP address? That’s where the hosting account comes in.

Your Hosting Account

You have a domain now, and you’re ready to get your website! Great! Now, what you need is an IP address so computers know how to get to your website, and a server, or ‘real estate’ to build your site on! A hosting account will provide both of those! For example, our Gold Pro plan provides unlimited disk space (all of our accounts get this!) and 1 dedicated IP address! Without a hosting account or service, your domain would be like a phone number in a phonebook that’s disconnected – it has nowhere to go!

Now you have a hosting account and a domain, and you’re ready to start building your website!

Your Website

Your website is made up of files, which, working together, build a site that your visitors actually see, like your products you’re selling or services you’re providing! These files – usually .php or .html files – can be read by the web server – provided by your hosting account and translated to display a page with products, or a blog post, or even a gallery of photos! None of this would be made possible without your hosting account providing the space to put these PHP or HTML files, and your domain name providing the address to view these files!

To tie it all together, your visitor goes to your domain name, which is a pretty and easy-to-remember version of your IP address, which is provided by your hosting account. Then the server the IP address is on is told to display the PHP or html files on that server, which your visitor sees as a typical web page, either pictures, some text, a list of products, maybe a shopping cart, or all of that together!

To make it easy for you, we provide all of these 3 components for you right here at MyWorks Hosting! You can register a domain with us, purchase a hosting plan with us, and build your website with us as well!

So, what do you think ?

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