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In addition to web hosting, whether you’re hosting a personal site, a business site, or a couple affiliate sites, our email marketing plans integrate perfectly with your marketing plan! Offering a large range of plans and subscriber amounts, our email marketing system is perfectly oriented to serve you with instant delivery, easy subscriber management, powerful tracking features and more!

Pricing & Plans
Pay only for what you use.

Email Marketing Features
Simple & Easy!

Affordable Plans

Starting at only $4.99 / month or a free 30 day trial, our email marketing plans are easy on your wallet, and powerful to your customers!

Instant Delivery

No more waiting to deliver a campaign! We offer instant delivery so your customers can start viewing and clicking your email right away!

Mobile Notification

Set up text and email notifications of new subscribers, campaign goals, and more! Don’t miss a minute – why should you?

Easy Subscriber Management

With the ability to import and export subscribers easily, automatically de-duplicate lists, and filter your contacts, our system is the one-stop-shop for your marketing needs!

Track Opens & Conversions

Our powerful analytical and reporting features keep you up to date on the open rates, click rates, delivery statuses and more of every single email and campaign!

Simple Campaign Creation

With the click of a button, you can create a single broadcast or a multiple message campaign, set to send messages whenever you’d like!

Included in All Packages:

  • - Instant Delivery
  • - Powerful Reports
  • - SSL Secured
  • - 24/7 Support
  • - Easy Subscriber Management
  • - And More…

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